From Mongolia to Russia – Instagramming the trans-Siberian railway

In Singapore, as in many countries, a tradition that accompanies graduating from school is a big trip commonly known as Graduation Trip (or grad trip for short), the idea of it being both a reward for the past years of hard work and a morale-booster for the career to come. Admittedly, I started planning for mine even before I was sure that I would indeed successfully graduate. Unfortunately, my grad trip has long gone by now, and I can only stare wistfully at pictures from the next batch of graduates as they take their turn in basking in the glorious land of being neither student nor working adult.

As epic grad trips go, a couple of friends had a pretty stellar one, starting in Hong Kong, moving on to Beijing, Mongolia, and then taking the trans-Siberian railway across the whole of Russia, arriving in St. Petersburg before heading to Finland to round up the trip. The pictures below are Instagram snapshots from their railway journey between Mongolia and Russia. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Pictures courtesy of  Tan Siew Yan


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